Part 2: The Surprising Advantages and Benefits of Arts Education for Children, Teens and Adults
The Surprising Advantages and Benefits of Arts Education for Children, Teens and Adults

Mar 13, 2023

Christopher Burgess shares his insight on the arts and its effect on the different stages of life.
A Lasting Impression

Oct 18, 2021

Megan shares her experiences as a former art intern at EIAA and how it has played a part in her life journey.
Art and Good Grades

Feb 9, 2021

Remember how many art projects you did in elementary school? You probably were always cutting or gluing or painting or coloring SOMETHING pretty much every day, right? Do you remember when art stopped being involved in everyday learning at school? Naomi shares her experience in elementary through high school, and how art, and the absence of it, played a huge role in her learning.
Huge Impact at Hoover Elementary

Feb 3, 2020

Clint Stone, principal at Hoover Elementary, shares his thoughts on EIAA classes at his school and the impact on the students.
Finding a Purpose

Sep 6, 2019

Staff member, Courtny Goodbred, shares her story of finding Eastern Iowa Arts Academy and a sense of contributing where she is needed.
Beyond the Arts

Aug 16, 2019

Volunteer and former Academy student Carson Uthe shares his testimony on how classes at the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy positively affected his life beyond his talent
Why We Serve: Elsabeth and Matthew Hepworth

Aug 3, 2019

Board member Elsabeth Hepworth and her husband Matthew share why they're involved with the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy.
Performing Arts - The Silent Leader

Jul 3, 2019

You can tell the engagement of a community by how well the arts are received. The Eastern Iowa Arts Academy is building future leaders, by engaging the youth in opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have.
We Are The Arts

Jun 3, 2019

Read board member Adam Burger's testimony for the Arts