Team Art Hut
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We are honored to have received a $10,000 Art Project Grant from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs!

We will be producing more Community Art Huts this year in more neighborhoods throughout the vicinity. Each Art Hut contains small bags of art supplies and a project for children to work on, rotating every other week, ensuring children have access to the arts all over Cedar Rapids!

Thank you Iowa Arts Council for this incredible gift. We can't wait to get started!

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Additional funding for art supplies made possible by
Variety - The Children's Charity.

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We need your help!

Join #TeamArtHut! We need volunteers to paint one of the many Art Huts being assembled. Or maybe stop by and help assemble the art bags to put in the Huts. Or zoom around town and deliver art supplies to the Huts. Start by filling out a Volunteer Form!

Volunteer and Join #TeamArtHut

Volunteer to paint an Art Hut!
Volunteer to full art bags!
Volunteer to drive and fill up ART HUTS!