Huge Impact at Hoover Elementary

by Clint Stone - principal at Hoover Elementary School

The Eastern Iowa Arts Academy has long been an essential partner to Hoover and our students.  We have nearly 80% of our students coming from homes that qualify for free or reduced lunch.  We also have nearly 40% of our student population that is learning English as a second language. As a result, having enrichment opportunities to support our students that also incorporate a variety of cultures is a necessity for our students.  While embedding our students’ cultures in hands on learning opportunities like collage, ceramics, and world drumming, I can confidently say that the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy enriches lives at Hoover.  Last summer’s project gave voice to our students’ idea of community which were reflected in the murals painted to brighten our cafeteria.  This opportunity is yet another example of EIAA going above and beyond to support our students. School is about much more than academic content and assessments.  Here at Hoover we know how crucial high-quality experiences with the arts are to the development of our students. We are grateful for their ongoing support, and as a Community Based School we look forward to expanding our relationship, which I truly believe is mutually beneficial to all.

Note: Hoover is celebrating the results of the ESSA assements that were just released.  They improved their performance two categories and are now "Commendable."  They are above both district ans state averages for growth in reading and math.  Congratulations to the students, staff and administration at Hoover Elementary!


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