Virtual Classroom

Step-by-Step with Local Artists

Welcome to the Virtual Classroom! We are excited to offer these free learning opportunities to families.

Fun new videos will be added to the Virtual Classroom, so please check back often. We know that art-making is a process that soothes the soul, and boy do we need that right now!

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  • Some classes are a series, and some are one-and-done. When there is a series it is best to "take" these classes in order.
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Winter Polar Bear in a Crazy Sweater
Mrs. Aly teaches us how to draw an adorable bear in a cute sweater. GRADE LEVEL K-5
Drawing and Illustration | Crab
Follow along with local artist Russ Fagle as he teaches you the skill of incorporating crosshatching, value, and depth to your illustrations with this awesome drawing of a saltwater crab! GRADES K-5
Drawing and Illustration | Cartoon Chefs
Allow yourself to exaggerate the "human form" to make a quirky character of your very own. Follow along with local artist, Russ Fagle, as he illustrates these cute chefs. GRADES K-5
Graffiti Art - Drawing Names
Mrs. Aly teaches us how to turn our name into graffiti art with just a few simple steps! GRADE LEVEL 3-12
Character Design - Cake Burglar
Artist, Russ Fagle, walks you through building character designs, like this cake burglar! Grab a pencil and follow along. GRADE LEVEL 4-12
Fish Drawing
Learn to draw fish using simple shapes with local artist Russ Fagle. GRADES K-5
Coffee Moon Paintings
This project shows you how to create a moon painting using coffee instead of paints. Follow along with Lauren Manninen to make Coffee Moons! CLASS 1 - GRADES 3-12
Clay Rainbow Fish
This project shows you how to create homemade clay or play dough using some pantry staples. Follow along with Lauren Manninen to make some Rainbow Fish! CLASS 1 - K-2
Storytime - Savvy and Maddy’s Amazing Art Project
Join children’s book author, Kendra Preston, for a reading of her book, Savvy and Maddy’s Amazing Art Project. See how they cooperate to make a painting of their favorite place. CLASS 1 - GRADE LEVELS K - 3
Binding a Simple Sketchbook
Learn this simple book binding technique to create your own multipurpose sketchbooks using traditional bookbinder’s tools or simple tools you find in your home. CLASS 1 - GRADE LEVEL 3 - 12