Local Artist Mrs. Ally

Megan Aly is an artist and art teacher who has worked with many students through the EIAA After School Enrichment Program. She has been teaching Art K-12 since 2013.  If there’s a way to teach art, she’s probably done it - in private and public schools, museums, after school clubs, summer camps, weekend workshops, and virtual art lessons.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Art with honors in Art from the University of Iowa in Iowa City.  She is licensed to teach Art K-12, and Talented and Gifted PK-12.  Megan also continues to create, show, and sell her own artwork.

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Graffiti Art - Drawing Names

You'll want to doodle your name everywhere by the time you're done with this quick and easy tutorial from Mrs. Aly. 


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Black Marker
  • Colored pencils, markers, or crayons

Start with a pencil and write your name in plain, capital or lowercase letters. Make sure you leave some space on each side of each letter. Draw a bubble around each letter, following the shape of your plain letters. 

After you've done this, erase the plain letters so only your bubble letters remain. Trace the bubble letters with a marker. You can add an extra border around all the letters if you'd like. 

Now it's time to decorate! 

For an ombre look, use color pencils. Start at the top of your letters and color very dark (push hard) with an up-and-down motion. Then in the mid-section of your letters, use the same color, but color in a 'medium' pressure to get a lighter version of the color. At the bottom of your letters, color even lighter with the same color. 

Add patterns on the outsides of your letters like lines, crosshatching, swirls, dots, stars, etc. Add colors and shading if you'd like!

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