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The Eastern Iowa Arts Academy currently has eight talented and energetic youth rock bands! By sponsoring a rock band, you're helping our students perform in safe, public environments while being mentored by local, professional musicians.

What does a sponsorship provide?

  • Assists with additional rehearsal fees.
  • Helps repair and restring member instruments.
  • Assists with director's additional pay for offsite gigs.
  • Helps supply gas, water and other essentials during gig season.
  • Provides band t-shirts or other swag with your name or logo as a sponsor.

Indigo Soul

Indigo Soul.jpg

Sponsored by:

double z logo.png

Sharon Dewey




flashback edits with tapes.jpg

Sponsored by:


We The People

We the People.jpg

Sponsored by:

Brad and Amelia

Peyton Marie: Former Band Member

The Unknown

The Unknown.jpg

Sponsored by: 

Mark and Shannon Ousley

Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools.jpg

Sponsored by: 


False Alarm

False Alarm.jpg

Sponsored by:

D Wags, B-Dub & The Bear

Katie Milden Family Dentistry

Pink Slips

Pink Slips.jpg

Sponsored by:

Madlon's Stained Glass Studio

Joe Cira

The Country Band

The Country Band.jpg

Sponsored by:

Dave and Lori Stock

Ricky Bartlett: Georgia Raised.