Why are the arts important?

healingheartsblog.jpgby LeeAnn Eddins

Art is as inherent to mankind and society as the need for food and shelter. It is a means of human expression and storytelling, an emotional outlet, a symbol system that defines a culture, and the basis for written language and communication. The arts have made an indelible mark on the world, its history, and everyone in it.

Simply put, art is what makes life worth living. It is the fabric of culture and a process that is individually meaningful and part of a process of learning and growth. As elemental to humans as creating is, it is not an innate skill for everyone. It can be learned and fostered, even mastered, and at least appreciated from a basis of knowledge.

Sadly, our present educational system is burdened with many constraints and the creative arts are often less of a priority to the academic program. And that is where the Eastern Iowa Art Academy seeks to fill in some gaps.

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