Local Artist L.D. Kidd

L.D. has worked with many students in the Cedar Rapids School District choreographing for show choir and drama productions. Find out more about Lovar Davis Kidd.

Class 4 of 4 

Join L.D. for this dance class series for 6-12th grade students.  For this fourth and final class students will learn the third section of choreography. Please repeat the Hip Hop Warm Up class prior to taking this one.  Keep a water bottle handy, wear comfortable clothing, and have fun!


"As long as there's breath in my lungs, I AIN'T DONE!"

This combination is a declaration that even through these crazy times we keep pushing forward and creating our own new normal.

Remember to:

  1. Take any opportunity to add your own style.
  2. Keep the movement crisp and clean.
  3. Listen to and move with the music, following L.D.’s counts in the slow section.
  4. Before you try it with the music speed it up several times, getting closer to the tempo of the music.  
  5. Stay positive and keep working!

When you think you know all of this choreography try it without the video, listening just to the music. Then put both Choreograhpy sections together and try that with music.

I Ain’t Done
By Andy Mineo - *Music is used for educational purposes only*

Once you have this sequence down, review Choreography 1 and Choreography 2 and then put all of the choreography sections together.

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