• Adult Felting


    Join us for this amazing one-and-done class and learn the art of needle felting and sculpture. Taught by local artist Lauren Manninen, settle in for the night and create a unique piece of felt work to treasure.

  • Adult Piano


    This group style class, taught in our studio keyboard lab, is geared for any adult who has a desire to learn to play piano and has no prior formal training. The student will learn basic piano keyboard concepts such as note names and values, finger positions and rhythms along with other primary theory fundamentals in an easy paced manner.

    Note: Adults over 21

  • Animation Creation


    This class will introduce students to the exciting world of animation! Animation has a long and rich history as being a dynamic and compelling art form. Students will learn about the many ways animations can be created. We will investigate how artists were able to animate without technology as well as how technology has revolutionized today’s work. Students will have the opportunity to create as many different types of animations they wish. Group work is also a possibility for those who like to work as a team!

  • Art Club


    If you are a 5th or 6th grader at Prairie Creek Intermediate and you LOVE making art – keep reading! The EIAA Art Club with Ms. Silvey is your chance to spend more time making art with other creative 5th and 6th grade artists. We will be exploring a variety of art processes/mediums. Fill out a registration form for the chance to join us for an ARTastic time!

  • Beginning Percussion


    Professional musician and performer Eric Madison will conduct a structured beginning percussion class to give students a taste of the world of percussion beginning with how to hold the sticks! Students will learn simple rock beats and percussion techniques in a small group environment.

  • Blues Guitar


    Learn the ins and out of blues guitar with professional performing musician Craig Erickson. Advance not only your genre knowledge but your guitar solo skills as well. Students are encouraged to enter the class with existing knowledge of the guitar. Guitar rental available for $25 refundable deposit. $60 fee for Music and Arts Members along with financial aid help if needed. $75 for non-members.

  • Broken Record


    This Member band plays all kinds of music from Prince to Maroon 5. Members are skilled at their instruments yet still embracing challenges as they learn new songs every few weeks. Directed by local performing musician Jeremiah Murphy.  Audition required. Bring your instrument or borrow one from the Academy. Exciting live performance and recording studio opportunities will be available throughout the year.

  • Dynamic Superhero Drawing


    Learn the techniques top illustrators and artists use to create classic superhero comics, including villains and aliens! Excellent class for all students interested in not only drawing and illustration but creative character development!

  • Felt Sculpture


    Students will begin by creating the armature or “skeleton” of the piece and then using felting techniques to cover the surface with local artist Lauren Manninen. Awesome class for those interested in advancing their artistic skills.