Eastern Iowa Arts Academy
Facility Rental Guidelines

The Eastern Iowa Arts Academy’s (EIAA) facility may be rented for public or private events. All rentals shall be governed by the following guidelines.

1. Applications: Rental shall be requested on the attached application form and shall be approved or denied by EIAA based on these guidelines. Once the application has been approved and the reservation fee has been received, the renter will receive a copy of the approved application as written confirmation of the rental.

2. Scheduling: EIAA reserves the right to refuse use/rental that may conflict with EIAA’s programming, daily operations, and already scheduled activities, or that may conflict with the mission, vision and values of EIAA.

3. Responsible Party: The name, which appears on the rental application as the “Renter” assumes the responsibility for the rental of the EIAA facility and equipment.  Any payments, correspondence, insurance certificates, and communications regarding the use of EIAA should be made by the Renter.

4. Fees:
  • Reservation Fee: All renters will pay a $20 non-refundable reservation fee with the application to reserve the space. This fee will be applied to the total rental fee.
  • The Rental Fee is $20 per hour. The entire rental fee is due two weeks before the event. Facility rental fees do not include the cost of a teacher if required for the event/activity. The cost of an instructor is an additional $25 per hour.
  • Additional fees may be charged if the renter comes earlier or stays longer than the reserved time that was paid for.
  • If the Renter causes damage to the facility or fails to leave the premise in its original condition, the cost of repair or cleanup will be billed to the Renter and payment is due within ten (10) days after receipt of invoice.
5. Cancellation Policy:
  • If EIAA is closed due to emergencies or inclement weather, all rentals and scheduled activities will be cancelled and reasonable attempts will be made to notify the Renter. EIAA will issue a full refund. It is the Renter’s responsibility to notify its guests of the cancelled event.
  • If the Renter cancels the event and the cancellation is confirmed by EIAA staff at least ten (10) days prior to the reserved date, the Rental Fee will be refunded to the Renter within thirty (30) days. The reservation fee will be forfeited.
  • If the Renter cancels the event fewer that ten (10) days prior to the reserved date, no refund will be issued.

6. Equipment: Any equipment belonging to EIAA, that is requested by Renter will be operated by authorized EIAA staff. EIAA reserves the right to limit or deny the use of any equipment owned by EIAA or brought in by the Renter. Please see additional information for rental/use and fees EIAA’s Recording Studio.

7. Insurance Certificate: EIAA reserves the right to require proof of insurance confirming the existence of insurance specifically naming Eastern Iowa Arts Academy as an additional insured party.

8. Supervision: The Renter is responsible for providing adequate supervision of guests during time of use. All activities involving children and youth under the age of 18 must be supervised by at least two adults with a ratio of 1 adult per 8 youth.

9. Personnel Services: EIAA will assign a staff member for the event. If additional personnel are requested by the Renter (for example, a teacher is requested for an art or music class/activity) or required by EIAA,  an additional charge of $25 per hour per staff person will be charged.

10. Decorations: All decorations need to be discussed and agreed upon with EIAA staff prior to the rental. Decorations, signs, and posters may not be nailed, screwed or thumb tacked to any walls.  All decorations, signs, poster, materials and equipment not belonging to EIAA will be removed by the Renter by the end of the rental period.

11. Cleanup: The Renter will be responsible for cleanup of EIAA facilities and removal of any materials brought in by the Renter.  Renter shall return the premises to its original condition. Trash/recycling must be placed in appropriate containers.

12. Responsibility for Renter’s property: EIAA will not be responsible for damages or theft of any of the Renter’s property or belongings brought to or left behind at EIAA’s facility.

13. Illegal Activity/Tobacco/Illegal Substances: The Premise is a non-smoking environment. No smoking or illegal substances are permitted anywhere on the premises. Renter and any guests shall conduct themselves in an orderly and lawful manner. EIAA reserves the right to eject Renter or any of its guests if such parties are not following these guidelines.

14. Parking: Street parking is available as well as parking in the lot on the south side of the facility.