Arts and Creative Writing Studio

EIAA’s Arts and Creative Writing Studio is a community treasure in Cedar Rapids. Not only does EIAA provide excellent programming for children, it provides life-changing opportunities for participants of any age with the curiosity and drive to develop their creativity. The Arts and Creative Writing Studio is an inviting and inspiring environment for all artists using dozens of mediums. Creative minds will love the bright, comfortable space and will find supplies readily available. Workshops and classes reach different skill levels and ages, and connections are formed to the local arts community.

One middle school student summed it all up when he told us what the Art Studio has meant to him.

“The EIAA Studio is so important because it offers kids amazing opportunities and life lessons. I’ve learned many artistic skills, but more importantly I’ve been given confidence and friends. It is a building filled with memories and opportunities that I’m so glad I have.”


With a Membership to the Music and Arts Studios students can enroll in unlimited Member classes for one year from the time of purchase. A variety of classes are offered each term from drawing and painting to sculpture and clay. Students will develop skills and enhance creative thinking while immersed in an enjoyable activity.

In addition to regular Member Classes each term members can participate in:

Weekly Saturday Open Studio

Saturday Open Studio is a chance to stay engaged in arts activities all year long. Students can come to practice their instrument, or continue with an art project that began in class. Instructors are available for assistance. Students can also create a new art project, play with materials they have never used before, try a new musical instrument, sing into a microphone and even record themselves in our recording studio.

Monthly Teen Hang Night

Teen Hang is a social event for teens only to meet other teens who are interested in the arts in the Cedar Rapids area. This is free to any teen, and attended by most of the teens who are enrolled in classes at the Music and Arts Studios. They have fun socializing and playing games, with free time to create in the music and arts studios. Each event has an engaging theme and is a great place to meet the people who hang out around our facility, including teachers. No parents allowed – take a night off knowing your teen is in good hands!

Bi-Monthly High School Art Club

Join teens from all over the Cedar Rapids area with an interest in art for fun, exploration, creativity and friendship. Activities include creative painting projects, drawing, watercolor, and off-site visits to local art supply shops, museums and the University of Iowa’s art studios.

EXCEL Classes

EXCEL classes offer advanced learning opportunities to our members. These small group classes are tailored to the students’ abilities and help propel their learning and deepen their engagement. These classes, typically presented in a workshop format, are offered throughout the year and are programmed based on the needs of the current member base. There are additional fees for these classes. Students must be members and also receive a recommendation from an instructor to join the class.

Private Lessons

Students who want one-on-one instruction can contact us to set up lessons with an instructor suitable for their desired area of study. The fee for the lessons is determined the instructor.

Student Art Gallery

The EIAA Student Art Gallery opened in the fall of 2015 to display student artwork and further build confidence among our young artists. Exhibits are planned throughout the year, complete with an opening event where parents and the community can come to view the work of student groups.


Adults can enjoy the Arts and Creative Writing Studio, too. Classes and Workshops are offered each month. Pre-registration and advance payment is required to allow the instructor to prepare materials for each student.

Coffee and Art Club

Each Tuesday morning adults gather to share a cup of coffee and some creative time. Participants have two options – bring a project you have been working on to the studio or create something new from the materials in the studio. This open studio type class is free, however, donations are welcome.

Healing HeARTS

This is a free class for the family members, caregivers and individuals who are going through a serious illness, such as cancer. Participants get to escape the heaviness of the “battle” and immerse themselves in art making. Many participants return again and again to this therapeutic activity. Healing HeARTS is taught by local artist Russ Fagle, who is a cancer survivor himself.

Local Artist Workshop Series

Students learn skills and techniques from professional artists in the community. Past classes have included, drawing, watercolor, printmaking, and encaustics, to name a few. These classes and workshops are for adults of all ability levels. These classes are for adults 21 and over. Bring your own beverage and snacks, but everything else is provided. Please join us!

Painting with Pat

This is a canvas painting class with local artist Pat Lammers, who guides students to create their own masterpiece! Enjoy a fun evening in the art studio socializing and painting. These classes are for adults 21 and over. Bring your own beverage and snacks, but everything else is provided.