Explore, Excite, Excel

About the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy

The Eastern Iowa Arts Academy is a nonprofit after school arts organization created for K – 12th grade students in the Greater Cedar Rapids metro area. EIAA offers classes in art, music, drama, dance, cultural arts and creative writing. EIAA’s multidisciplinary and multicultural arts programs enhance the appreciation of the arts, strengthen performance abilities, provide quality after school activities, and celebrate the rich diversity in our community.


Provide exciting opportunities for students to explore the performing and visual arts to excite students about the arts for continuing exploration.


To be the innovator for creative expression that enriches life, and deliver inspiring arts experiences to all.

Areas we cover

DANCE Dance teams, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and more
DRAMA Beginning and Intermediate Acting, Improvisation, Musical Theatre and more
ART Graphic Arts, Mosaic Tile, Junk Art, Painting and Drawing, Sculpturing, Ceramics and much more
MUSIC Junk Rhythm, Introduction to Guitar, Gospel Choir, Show Choir, Musicals and more
WRITING Creative Writing Workshops
CULTURAL ARTS Artisitic exploration of multiple cultures

Classes run 60-90 minutes each and meet weekly between 3:00-6:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.



The Ignite Program’s goal is to use fine arts to provide a richer quality of life for the residents of our partner retirement communities.


This program provides the same broad range of arts programming to the clients of our Outreach Program partner agencies.


This program serves individuals with cancer or other serious illnesses, their caregivers and family members.


Over 50 arts classes and workshops are offered yearly at multiple CRCSD elementary, middle school and high schools in the after school program.


The Arts Studio hosts art classes, creative writing classes and workshops, and provides designated workspaces for individual projects.


The Music Studio offers the opportunity for weekly formations of bands in high-energy lessons and rehearsals facilitated by local musicians.

Eastern Iowa Arts Academy History

girl-with-flower-paintingEastern Iowa Arts Academy (EIAA) is an after-school 501 (c)(3) arts organization created in 2007 by local educator, David Griffin. EIAA offers classes in art, music, dance, drama, cultural arts and creative writing, taught by professional educators and artists. EIAA’s multidisciplinary and multicultural arts programs enhance the appreciation of the arts, strengthen performance abilities, provide quality after-school activities, and celebrate the rich diversity in our community.

Eastern Iowa Arts Academy programs are open to any student, male or female, in grades K-12, as well as individuals with a wide variety of special needs and seniors at assisted living communities. Particular focus is placed on providing artistic opportunities for low-income families and in low-income neighborhoods across the Greater Cedar Rapids/Marion metro area.

Eastern Iowa Arts Academy’s passion and primary goal has always been to provide high quality arts opportunities for students of all ages and skill levels to explore, excel at, and develop an appreciation for the visual and performing arts. However, EIAA is more than just an arts program. EIAA was also designed to keep young people engaged in meaningful, enriching activities that prevent them from making negative choices; to support low-income families by offering classes at little or no cost; and to improve the quality of life for young people by providing opportunities many most likely would not otherwise experience.

Many students involved in the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy have no exposure to arts outside their school environment, which is limited in scope. The Eastern Iowa Arts Academy provides youth with the ability to explore a variety of arts experiences without prior training and with no fear of failure, to perhaps spark an interest they would otherwise have missed.